The world isn't perfect. We can help you get closer.

Finding solutions for technical problems is expensive and time consuming. That’s where we fit in. We provide expertise in machine learning, optimization, data science, and statistics. We work closely with you to take an idea from inception to integration.

Our services include algorithm design, verification and validation, performance tuning and analysis, prototyping. Talk to us about your idea.

Meet The Team

Max King

High performance computing, cloud computing, parallelization.

Declan Oller

Machine learning,  reinforcement learning, genetic algorithms.

Ben Wiener

 Design and prototyping, mathematical modelling, algorithmic design.

Philip Zucker

Functional programming, convex optimization, formal methods.


It is often hard to anticipate how a complex system will behave.  Models and simulations can help. They can expose issues before they happen, reveal counter-intuitive features, and even suggest alternative approaches to a problem. Our backgrounds in physics and high-performance computing give us the tools to build useful predictive models.


Collecting and analyzing data is the most reliable way to understand a problem. In the right hands a good data set can provide critical bias-free insight.


Have an computational challenge or idea you aren't sure how to implement? We can deliver a solution that fits your need. We provide support from design and development to benchmarking and testing.


Our Services

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